About Us

John Todd founded our company in 1945.  He started out by digging complete septic systems by hand.  He could start a job in the morning and by noon dig himself out of sight.  His nickname was “Gopher Todd.”  When he couldn’t throw the dirt out of the hole anymore, he would set up a windless with a rope and a crank and two buckets.  While he filled up one bucket with dirt, his wife, Edna Todd would crank the full one up to the surface and dump it out and then send it back down on the rope.  John originally built septic tanks and dry wells out of bricks.  He also built roads with a shovel.  He would start in the morning digging the borrow pit and  throwing the dirt to the middle to create the “crown” of the road.  At noon he would eat lunch and then turn around and dig the borrow pit on the opposite side of the road.  By the end of the day he would have a stretch of new road with borrow pits on each side and the center of the road was crowned.

His legacy lives on at Todd Companies to this day, and it influences everything we do. Whether it’s a simple routine pumping or a complete renovation of a septic system, we take each job seriously and are thankful for each and every customer that we have. We are proud to be a family-owned business since 1945. We’ve been in business for 68 years, and there are now three generations of Todds serving your septic needs.