The Importance of an Outlet T

by johntoddinc on June 19, 2014

An “Outlet T” is one of the smallest but most important components in your septic system. This small piece of plastic could save your leach field (Soil Treatment Area) and in turn save you the thousands it would cost to repair or install one. In our last post we explained how a septic tank works (Click here to read ‘How A Septic System Works‘). After a period of time your septic tank separates the liquids from the solids, while fats and oils float to the top to make a scum layer. Without an Outlet T the scum layer is free to run down your outlet pipe and into your leach field.

Outlet T Diagram


Many leach fields use pipes that are called Laterals to disperse the liquid into the ground through small perforations. Not all systems are designed this way, but this type of leach field is the most susceptible to getting plugged from lack of an Outlet T. Without an outlet T, that scum and other solids can clog those small holes in the pipe, making it impossible for water to be absorbed into the ground. If you have a Pressure Dosed System, which means you have a pump pushing the liquids to your leach field, it is vital to have an Outlet T in your first septic tank (most counties require that pressure dosed systems have two tanks). The reason this is so vital is that any solids or scum that make it into your second tank or your pump chamber can clog your pump and cause your system to fail. Pumps are expensive, leach fields are even more expensive. If you do not have an outlet T, invest in one to save you hundreds to thousands of dollars down the road.

If you have more questions about different types of leach fields and how they work, stay tuned for our next blog post: Ways to Save Your Leach Field.

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