“I called John Todd Inc. when my home sewer lines backed up and I thought my septic tank was full.  A real person answered the phone and asked a few questions, right away she suggested that the problem was not likely a full tank.  How refreshing, to receive good advice rather than an unnecessary service call charge!  After a plumber cleared the main I hired Todd Inc. to install tank risers for future pumping.  As soon as digging started we discovered the main had clogged due to a collapsing septic tank that was previously installed by another contractor.

Jack Todd was on the scene fast to analyze the situation accurately, provide a very fair bid, and execute the job of replacing the defective tank in only 1 day.  Jack and his team exceeded my expectations in every way.  They had my septic system back on line faster than I thought possible, and even did an excellent job of cleaning up the work site.  Honest and fair, efficient and conscientious, this is the company to call when you need them!” Nick Williams, Sedalia, CO – (303) 638-8624

“Jack Todd (Owner) did a superb job on my project.  I found him to be very professional, honest , trustworthy and certainly willing to go above and beyond.  My system has been working without a problem since last summer.  My system now connects a previous sewage holding tank to what was an existing gray water tank.  The combination is now flowing to the leach field.   Jack was referred to me by my next door neighbor who couldn’t say enough about how wonderfully he did on that project. …I’d recommend Jack to anyone.  Not so long ago it was my job as an operations director to oversee building projects.  I’ve worked with many contractors and can honestly say that Jack stands heads above them all.”Lynda Hanshaw, Evergreen, CO

“I contacted ten companies for an estimate on replacing my septic line. I needed the garage floor cut up, the pipe under the foundation replaced, and the entire line  trenched and replaced. Not only did the Todd Company have the lowest estimate, they were the most knowledgeable. I expected the project to take several days, however the Todd Company finished it in one day. The work done was excellent; I am very happy with the result. I would strongly recommend this company.” – Kimberly R.